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Release Ministries have been awarded the Guidestar silver seal of transparency.

Bill Ellett Legacy Fund

     Just as he did yesterday, Josh sat in his cell after dinner, ending another day without a visit from his family or friends. But as he sat there losing hope that things would ever get better, the guard called out, “Everyone in the common area for a visitor.” That day Josh’s life would change forever as Bill Ellett entered the cell block and began to share with the inmates about how they could be truly free in Christ. After successfully completing his drug program, Josh spent the next two years being mentored and guided by Bill, growing in his spiritual walk, taking charge of his own life, and planning for a future he could now see!

     Says Josh, “Bill Ellett saved my life! He cared about me when nobody else did, even my parents. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for Bill. He showed me the love of Jesus by how he lived and how he treated everybody.” Thanks to Bill’s obedience to the Holy Spirit, Josh is now following God’s call on his life, and is a happily married man with a hope and a future.

     Bill dedicated his life to reaching and improving the lives of the at-risk youth in the Omaha area by founding Release Ministries. In his final years, he selected me to succeed him as the Executive Director and I am both humbled and honored to have been entrusted to continue the work God started through Bill.

     In consultation with Linda and the Ellett family, I am proud to announce the creation of the Bill Ellett Legacy Fund, dedicated to continuing his work by focusing on the immediate needs of the Release Ministries Group Homes. As Bill was fond of saying, “more homes mean more kids and more ministry.”

     Please help us establish the Bill Ellett Legacy Fund on solid ground. Your donation will immediately address the pressing repair needs at each of the three group homes. In addition, the fund will allow Release Ministries to achieve sustainability in our group home operations by creating an emergency reserve for future repairs to both the structures and the vehicles used by the group home staff to care for the youth. Finally, the Bill Ellett Legacy Fund will be the means for receiving any endowments to Release Ministries and ensure that Bill’s vision and ministry work will continue into the future.


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